Fantastic five tracks by Neha Kakkar that are weirdly wonderful

5 Neha Kakkar’s Weird And Wonderful Songs

Neha Kakkar is known for her vigorous and unique style of singing. She has sung numerous songs from which the majority of her tracks are a significant hit. After being eliminated from Indian Idol season 2, she had to struggle a lot. She worked hard and finally, after a few years, got her first big hit for the movie Cocktail. Later, it was followed by another superhit track for the movie Queen.

If you listen to Neha Kakkar’s songs, the majority of her songs have very great music, but the words don’t make much sense. They are weird, but her voice makes them amazing. So there is no harm in claiming Neha Kakkar’s melodies are weirdly wonderful. It is the melody that must hit right, and the rest doesn’t matter. People listen to songs majorly because the music feels like home and gives the warmth or attention one needs.

Neha Kakkar has been criticized a lot for her singing remakes of old gold tracks. But she believes they need a modern twist to keep them going and so sings according to the need of today’s date.

Here are a few weirdly beautiful tracks by Neha Kakkar. Inevitably, the melody would be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Coca Cola

Goa Beach

Main Tera Boyfriend


Kala Chashma

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