Neha Kakkar is the hit queen of the music industry. Some of her best melodies are here

5 Songs That Prove Why Neha Kakkar Is The Melody Queen

Neha Kakkar became the sweetheart of the music industry for her astounding voice. She has sung several tracks that have more than a hundred million views. She is globally rated as the second most-watched artist on YouTube. The girl in curls surely has our hearts.

If you are having bad times and need a hug, why not get a virtual one with this Neha Kakkar’s track? Jaadu Ki Japphi is one hit peppy track by her that will not just get you dancing but also a comforting hug.

Neha Kakkar in her mood is a baddie, and so when she sings a party anthem, she makes the track surely worth it. Coca Cola will give you the perfect vibe for why she is considered to be so fabulous.

If you still have doubts about Neha Kakkar’s singing skills, then listen to her sing Manali Trance. The track in which she has not just sung the song but also given the music with her voice. Isn’t it amazing?

Second Hand Jawani from the movie Cocktail was significant recognition for Neha Kakkar. The track did not just get her the attention she deserved but also given her the success that she had worked for.

If you are carving to go to a beach, listen to Neha Kakkar sing Sunny Sunny sitting on the balcony with your eyes covered with shades and legs in the tub. It’s all about vibing and having the best time of your life while at quarantine.

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