Neha Kakkar's tracks that have to be heard at least once in a lifetime

6 Neha Kakkar’s Songs to listen to in your lifetime

Neha Kakkar has won the hearts of millions of fans. She has a great career ahead and right now is making the right tracks that are a significant hit. If you are a fan of Neha Kakkar, here are some of the best ones that shouldn’t be missed. Even if you are not much of an admirer of Neha Kakkar, then these songs have to be heard at least once in your lifetime.

Manali Trance, one of the most hit tracks, is sung by Neha Kakkar. And the thing that makes this song more unique is the fact that Neha Kakkar reportedly recorded the song quickly too, in about 20 minutes.

Jaadu Ki Japphi is overly exciting and full of energy. Neha Kakkar perfectly knows how to keep everyone on their foot.

Aankh Marey, alongside Kumar Sanu, surely Neha Kakkar had her voice filled with power and energy. One of the best by Neha that one has to have listened at least once. It surely is worth the shot.

Dilbar Dilbar, a reprised version of an old song. But Neha Kakkar kept the magic in this track intact. She never disappoints, and this remix version is the proof which was a substantial super hit number.

Mile Ho Tum, lucky to have someone in your life? Feeling obliged? Neha Kakkar has the ability to help you express your emotions into words and created a beautiful, passionate track that is the best choice for your romantic evening.

Goa Beach, this summer, surely we couldn’t go to the beach. Why not feel happy listening to a song made on one? Missing Goa? Neha Kakkar will give you a blissful tour of the beach.

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