Most popular Neha Kakkar's tracks that are huge blockbusters

7 Most Searched Neha Kakkar’s Songs On YouTube

Neha Kakkar has excellent control over her voice. She can sing in varied ranges. Numerous times her voice has been referred to being distinctive, unique, peppy, chirpy, and many more. She did not have any significant training at singing and has learned majorly from her elder sister Sonu Kakkar.

Neha Kakkar has always felt that her training in music could have been like brownie points for her. But looking at the rate of success she is receiving, it doesn’t seem much of importance. She is very competitive and keeps on challenging herself on trying something new. She is always updated with her voice and keeps up with the expectations of the masses.

One distinctive characteristic of Neha Kakkar is the fact that she always is updated on people’s expectations on her tracks. And hence she still manages to surprise the audience. She can sing in different shades in the same genre.

Here are some of the most viewed tracks of Neha Kakkar that have a majority of views. They have more than a hundred million views. This is how much Neha Kakkar has made space in the hearts of masses and surely will shine more.


London Thumakda

Kar Gayi Chull

Soch Na Sake

Kala Chashma

Main Tera Boyfriend

Cheez Badi

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