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Some songs make us smile, and some make us cry. Here are some songs by Taylor Swift that definitely won’t make you cry. Check them out!

8 songs of Taylor Swift that won’t make you cry

Taylor Swift is one of the artists who has received love from people from every corner of the world. She won Grammy Awards ten times, within a span of just 13 years. She has not only won the number of prestigious awards but also the hearts of many.

From her super hit songs Love Story (2008) to The Man (2020), she has nailed her performances every time. She has made her albums hit all the time it got released. One can constantly listen to her songs, even without getting worn out. Taylor has some secret superpower in her songs and herself. She brings so much energy to her songs. Some of her songs make us cry and some don’t.

Here are some of them.

1.Wildest Dream (2014)

2. You Belong to Me (2008)

3. Shake It Off (2014)

4. Delicate (2018)

5. Look What You Made Me Do (2017)

6. Blank Space (2014)

7. Gorgeous (2017)

8. Delicate (2017)

9. ME! (2019)

10. The Man (2020)

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