A few amazing songs by Neha Kakkar that are truly trending right now

These 9 Neha Kakkar Songs Are Trending In Quarantine!

It’s been weeks since us all being locked up in and are at self-quarantine. And all that is might have been helping us go through is hope! Hope that all this would get done soon. Until then all we can do is music and fun.

Neha Kakkar has been an amazing singer and her songs have a different fan base altogether. She is an amazing singer who has our hearts with her peppy voice that syncs perfectly with our hearts.

Neha Kakkar is the one we all can turn and look up to be made to sit at home. Her songs are fun and lively. So listening to her songs could be an amazing one of the ways we can kill our time. So here are a few most trending Neha Kakkar tracks to listen to when quarantine.


O Saki Saki

Tu Hi Yaar Mera

Goa Beach



Ki Honda Pyaar

Oh Humsafar


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