Ariana Grande On Hrithik Roshan And Kareena Kapoor's 'You Are My Sonia'; Mashup Goes Viral; See video | IWMBuzz

Recently, the internet is going into a frenzy with this crazy mashup video of Ariana Grande on the song; You Are My Sonia

Ariana Grande On Hrithik Roshan And Kareena Kapoor’s ‘You Are My Sonia’; Mashup Goes Viral; See video

Ariana Grande made her public debut as a Nickelodeon star. She started young as a singer at the age of 14. She was initially recognized for her performance as Cat Valentina in the television series Victorious. Slowly and gradually, she made her way into the singing world and ranked in the top ten of US Billboard Hot 100. She has topped several times on the Billboard charts and is popular currently for her R&B albums.

Ariana Grande has all her first albums in the top ten categories since her debut. She has won several awards and is one of the biggest and most known artists in the music industry. She is extensively known to work for women empowerment and fighting against women inequalities. Uplifting women mostly surround her songs, and she is vocal about gender differences and racial and LGBTQ equality.

Recently, there has been a video going around of Ariana Grande that is mashed to a popular Hindi song. The song You Are My Sonia from Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor’s film and Ariana Grande’s Video is mashed together, and it is making rounds all over the internet.

Here is the video you can take a look at. It is fun and entertaining at the same time.

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