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Here’s a list of some notable songs from Arijit Singh and Armaan Malik; tell us who is your favorite singer

Arijit Singh vs Armaan Malik: List their Best Songs

One knows how perfectly well-sculpted Arijit Singh’s voice is. He is something that everyone wants to listen to. He is well known and is one of the most loved singers of today’s times. His voice is too good to be true. He just knows well how to keep one enchanted in his magical voice. He is a very versatile singer and has become a household name. Here are a few of his best songs Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum, Pachtaoge, Pal, Ve Maahi, Bolna, First Class and many more superhits. Do I give you any more reasons as to why he’s the best?

Armaan Malik has music running through his veins. Though brought up into a well known musical family, he chose to take up the journey into becoming a musical star all by himself. His voice is enough proof to show the prowess that he has inherited. A guy with a velvet-like voice has made quite a buzz in the industry.

Here are his most acclaimed tracks that are surely worthwhile and will make you instant Malik fan. Pehla Pyar, Chale Aana, Kyun Rabba, Sau Asmaan, Bol Do Na Zara and the list goes on. After all these songs not a Malik fan yet?

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