Arijit Singh or Armaan Malik, who is the best-adored singer in the industry?

Arijit Singh vs Armaan Malik: Who Is The Secret Crush Of Young Girls?

If you are searching for an alternate definition of love, look up to Arijit Singh and listen to his mesmerizing songs. He has changed the meaning of love with his ethereal voice. He is India’s most popular and leading voice that has perfectly synced with every emotion of the minds as well as hearts. He is the best voice of the generation and the crush of the nation for his soulful rendition.

Arijit Singh has sung songs from every genre, but the one that he has made his name equivalent to is romance numbers. He just puts the soul to every word, and so every lady listening to him sing is left dazzled by him.

When talking about the best voice that has held the whole nation at a perfect melody, it is Armaan Malik. Being from a talented family, he is a very prominent and charming artist. Every girl in town has or has been crushing on Armaan Malik. His songs are perfect for making anyone fall in love. A voice that never fails to impress the hearts of the audience.

Armaan Malik, with his exceptional voice and appealing looks, has made every girl fall for him. He is the instant crush of every woman in the country.

Arijit Singh or Armaan Malik, who has managed to take your hearts? Vote Now.

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