Who stole your heart with their voice? Arijit Singh or Neha Kakkar

Arijit Singh Vs Neha Kakkar: Who Is Your Favorite Music Artist?

A choice between two great singers is always an arduous task. The only thing that separates a good singer from a great singer is the love of their fans. Every singer is a good singer but when several people get attached to one artist because they believe him to have a better quality voice then that makes him a better one. There has been age-old comparison done, and fans have always been choosing aside. And right now we are asking you to select between Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar as to who is your favorite.

The Muskurane song singer Arijit Singh has sung numerous tracks that have heavy emotions to them. His songs carry a weight of emotions that makes them more unique. If you listen to him, sing tracks like Suno Na Sangenarmar, Ve Maahi, Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum and you will realize the feeling you get from the record. Surely, you will not just be pulled by the intensity of the song, but how Arijit Singh sings that makes him one of the most incredible emotional singers in the industry.

On the other hand, the Indian Shakira no other than Neha Kakkar has everyone captivated with her party numbers. Her high boosting tracks are perfect. Garmi, Sunny Sunny, Manali Trance, Chamma Chamma are a few examples of how Neha Kakkar can get everyone on the dance floor with her voice. People love her because she is fun-loving and her tracks, not just the party ones but also the romantic numbers score the hearts of millions.

Who is your favorite of the two amazing singers? Arijit Singh or Neha Kakkar. Vote Now

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