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Which singer's perfect chords have touched your soul?

Armaan Malik VS Arijit Singh: Your Favorite Soulful Singer

Armaan Malik is a 25-year-old singer in the Bollywood music industry who has sung great songs. He has not just sung in Hindi but also made some remarkable tracks in Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and more languages. He again recently stepped in to sing in English and has sung the two most incredible songs.

When he sings, Armaan Malik feels like they will pierce right through one’s heart touching the soul. He has sung some of the best romantic songs full of love and adoration, and we can’t get enough from them. Songs like Bol Do Na Zara, Behla Do, Love You Till The End, Khwahishen, and more are his best romance versions. Not to forget his high pumping tracks like Kar Gayi Chull, Bum Bum Bole, Baam Cheek Cheek, and the likes will surely get you on the dance floor.

Arijit Singh has set his voice into the very soul of the music industry. He has not just made everyone fall in love with his songs, but also today is a voice that goes synonyms to music. He sings in perfect synchronization that touches the heart of masses. His blissful melodies are perfect for every love song, as well as heartbreak. His voice is like a balm on a broken heart as it soothes the pain.

Arijit Singh has the most soulful voice in the music industry. He is an unbeatable king of melodies, and it would be no surprise if people call him a living legend.

According to you, who has the most blissful voice in the music industry between Armaan Malik and Arijit Singh. Vote Now.

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