Neha Kakkar at her very best singing some amazing acoustic songs that will have our hearts

Best Of Neha Kakkar’s Unplugged Video Song

Neha Kakkar as well known is one singer we all are truly blessed to have. So-called Indian Shakira is also known to have been a Chota packet bada dhamaka singer. And that is indeed true because whenever she is on stage or her song is on, she sure as hell manages to get some booty shaking.

Neha Kakkar is a crowd pleaser and a little dosage of Kakkar will leave you amazed by how she can keep the show going till the very end of it. We all love her and are amazed by her singing skills. A few of her popular unplugged acoustic songs that are very much popular than her Bollywood masala ones are mentioned below.

Here are a few of her spectacular tracks that show what an incredible singer she is. A few of Neha Kakkar’s unplugged tracks

Pee Loon

Sawan Aaya Hai


Sanu Ek Pal

Maahi Ve

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