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Who has more fan following between Blackpink and BTS?

Blackpink VS BTS: Which K-pop Group Has The Highest Fandom In India? Vote Now

One good thing that has happened in the last few years is the fact that Korean artistes and talents are now recognised not just in Korea but the rest of the world and the biggest contributing reason behind that is none other than the K-Pop genre of music which is loved by millions all around the world. It has given a rise to a different form of music genre which although was prominent in the 80s in Korea started getting worldwide recognition only since the last year. Talking about K-Pop, two of the most popular bands in the world at the moment are Blackpink and BTS.

While fans can’t stop dancing to the tunes of the hot Korean Blackpink band girls, they also can’t get enough of Jungkook and his BTS squad who not only have have a great fan following all around the world but also are the proud record holders of being the only K-pop group for featuring most number of times in Billboard’s TOP 100. Both the groups have a legion of fans all around the world and their songs and singles dominate YouTube trends at the moment. It’s tough to compare but readers, if you had to pick your favourite band between Blackpink and BTS as the most popular in India, whom would you pick and why? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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