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Music is food for the soul and who of the two tops your list? Darshan Raval or Tony Kakkar.

Darshan Raval VS Tony Kakkar: The king of melody

Darshan Raval was first spotted on the Indian Reality Show India’s Raw Star as a contestant. He is a dynamic artist and is determined to make a positive change in the world through his music. He has a charismatic voice and a humble attitude which got him millions of fans. His songs range from silent soulful music to groovy numbers. He has lent his voice in many movies and many singles as well.

Conversely, we have Tony Kakkar, a singer, music composer, and songwriter. His sisters, Sonu and Neha have established singers in the industry have delivered some hit songs and Tony seems to be no less. Music runs in the family genes for the Kakkar’s. He has got a bright voice and he is a favourite among youngsters.

We leave it up to you to decide who the real king of melody is because we clearly have lost this deal.

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