Which of the two Neha Kakkar's songs would you dance on?

Dilbar VS O Saki Saki: Which Neha Kakkar’s Song Do You Groove To?

With Neha Kakkar’s voice and Nora Fatehi’s dance moves, the song is sure to rock the charts. Neha Kakkar has sung numerous songs that have hit the dance floor, rolling and shaking every head. Which song among Dilbar or O Saki Saki would you love to dance on?

Dilbar was the highest chart-topping number by Neha Kakkar. Also, we see Nora Fatehi making her way into our hearts with her sizzling moves. The beats of the song were correctly syncing with her movements, and Neha Kakkar made the song not to be missed. This track received more than 700 million views on YouTube and was more famous than its original version.

O Saki Saki is a considerable anthem when thinking about the party. Nora Fatehi’s dance with her belly dancing moves has won all our hearts. Surely there is no catch to her dancing, and Neha Kakkar’s voice is also irreplaceable. She has wonderfully sung the song. It seemed as if the beats and notes were just made for Neha Kakkar. We can perfectly ace the moves while dancing in the rain that would be fun. Though this song is the reprised version, surely Neha Kakkar nailed the track.

Which of the melody would you go dancing without a care in the world? Dilbar or O Saki Saki. Vote Now.

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