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Times when Neha Kakkar got emotional and cried

Emotional Moments When Neha Kakkar Cried

Neha Kakkar has many nicknames that her fans call her. Crybaby is also one of those names that count on the list. She has been trolled continuously for being a crybaby numerous times. But for Neha Kakkar, it doesn’t bother much as she considers herself strong. According to Neha Kakkar, crying makes her strong and not a sign that shows how weak she is.

On the Indian Idol set when she was a judge, Neha Kakkar was seen crying on numerous occasions. It became so frequent that people started nicknaming her a crybaby. But those tears are genuine and not crocodile tears as many claim them to be. Neha Kakkar is a compassionate and soft-hearted lady, and so whenever she used to listen to sad and struggling stories, she used to tear up. And who wouldn’t? Especially when Neha Kakkar has a somewhat similar past as those contestants claim to be. She has worked herself up from a complicated history, and so she feels warmth in her heart.

Neha Kakkar is very generous and is always ready and helps anyone who needs any help, especially financial assistance. Even she becomes emotional at simple moments like a contestant singing a song so well and starts to cry. Here are some moments when Neha Kakkar broke down on television.

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