Rihanna and Rocky were expecting their first child. While life has been a bed of roses for Rihanna, the musical sensation, she has been busy putting up her pictures with the baby bump. Rihanna and rapper Rocky are now blessed with a baby boy. This news makes them really happy.

Recently, Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown took to social media to congratulate Rihanna on the birth of her little one. A report on timesofindia talked about it and we take reference from that story for our write up here. Reports confirmed that the mother and baby were doing fine.

The rapper posted the word “Congratulations” and added a heart and added a bunch of emoticons like a heart, praying hands and a pregnant woman. He was jubilant in wishing his ex. But this was not liked by many.

However, after the post drew a lot of attention on social media, the rapper deleted it.

Interesting this, isn’t it?