Vote for your favorite young artist between Guru Randhawa and Armaan Malik

Guru Randhawa VS Armaan Malik: Who Is Your Favorite Young Singer?

The one with a black jacket and bad boy vibes is no other than Guru Randhawa. He is the high rated gabru who has given us the best music playlist to party. He knows how to get the Punjabi fun to Bollywood music and so his tracks are filled with madness. For example, Daru Wargi, Suit Suit, and many others are his greatest hits.

Guru Randhawa’s fashion is also goals, and his songs like Ishq Tera, Ishare Tere, and many others will give you the romantic vibes. He is a fabulous singer with a great voice.

Armaan Malik’s songs are noteworthy. His beautiful voice can encourage anyone to come on the dance floor and enjoy a pleasant time. His voice, while singing romantic tracks, always hit close to the heart. His fans call themselves Armaanians and are crazy for him.

Surely, Armaan Malik has achieved a substantial successful career and has given people the best playlist options, especially romantic songs. One shouldn’t wonder why Armaan’s fanbase is so huge.

Who is your favourite let us know in comments.

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