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Both these singers are known for their vibrant live performances…

Jennifer Lopez Vs Shakira: Who Is Queen Of Live Performances?

Every time Jennifer Lopez gets on a stage, she brings down the house with her amazing live performance. She has carved out a successful music career of her own and has been one of the best Hollywood singers. Her live shows are packed with colourful costumes, all the hits, and nonstop choreography that will make you want to get up and dance. Her performances are legendary and no matter where and no matter when every single one of Jennifer Lopez’s performances is flawless.

On the contrary, we have Shakira, one of the world’s biggest music stars, a crossover phenomenon with hits in both Spanish and English. She is an artist bristling with restless energy and drive that sometimes torture her, but always propel her to give that energetic performance on stage. A performance that has electrified audiences for more than two decades and is continuing to do so. Distinctive music and eye-catching moves have catapulted her to one-name international pop star status. Her distinctive sound is a blend of the music and a melting pot of cultures: indigenous, European, African, Middle Eastern.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have left us stunned every single time with their live performances. Who do you think is the queen of live performances? Let us know.

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