If you are bored at your home, then you should try out listening to these Jennifer Lopez's songs.

Jennifer Lopez’s Songs To Get You Through The Quarantine Weekend!

It is really becoming boring for some people to stay back at home all day even on the weekends. The pandemic has restricted us from going out to have a good time with our friends and family. Thus, here we are with a list of songs that can make your quarantine weekend interesting and exciting.

Jennifer Lopez, is a renowned actress, dancer, singer, businesswoman, fashion designer, and what not? Her songs have been super hit, whenever they got released. Her songs are really energetic and will never fail to bring energy back, that got lost by the boredom. Her songs from, On the 6 (1999) to A.K.A (2014) are empowering and can make you twirl along with it anytime.

Recently, the star has posted on social media about her ‘dream day’ quarantining with her kids, playing football. If she can quarantine with fun, why can you not with her song?

Here are some of Jennifer Lopez’s songs that you can groove on and sing along with it.

1.       Let’s Get Loud (1999)

2.       Booty (2014)

3.       On The Floor ft. Pitbull (2011)

4.       Dance Again (2012)

5.       Ain’t Your Mama (2016)

6.       El Anillo (2018)

7.       I Luh Ya Papi (2014)

8.      Jenny From The Block (2002)

9.      Una Noche Más (1999)

10.   Papi (2011)

Tell us your favourite song among these. Till then, stay safe at home! Happy listening!

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