How K Pop became the new trending genre of music in the industry

Is K Pop The New Trend In The Music Industry?

Recently, there have been numerous and high rise in the K pop artists. But what is K pop? How has it become so popular, and why are girls going crazy over these “anime” like singers?

There has come a substantial Korean wave across the globe from growing Korean dramas on Netflix to some popular skincare rituals. And people are going crazy for their dramas, music, skin care and everything else. Especially their celebrities who look nothing more than anime and some fantastic wardrobe goals are to die for.

K Pop stands for Korean pop music. And if you are still unclear about what exactly K Pop is, then the popular song that was a significant recognition across the globe was Gangham Style. And well, haven’t we all done the iconic step? Hands crossed and dancing to the beat. K Pop music is full of hard work and pure talent.

There have been many new upcoming K Pop bands like BTS, Black Pink, and many more. They inevitably have become a trend because of their fashion, addicting music, choreography, their play with eye-catching color schemes, and many more.

Here are some of their hit songs that will make you believe why K Pop is the new emerging trend in the music industry.

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