Neha Kakkar has not just sung but also danced on her these songs. Read below

Did You Know Neha Kakkar Dances To Her Own Songs?

We all know that Neha Kakkar is popularly known as the chota packet bada dhamaka and that is indeed true. When was it that we were not obsessed over Neha Kakkar? Well, she is the perfect masala of the B-town.

Neha Kakkar has won the hearts of millions of people. She has a huge fan base and is called the Indian Shakira and well why not? If you see Neha Kakkar’s moves, she will have you captivated and don’t get me started on her songs. She is an incredible singer and a dancer as well. If you see her dancing, you will know what an incredible dancer she is.

Here are perfect songs by Neha Kakkar that she has not just sung those but also danced.

Wah Wai Wahh

Puchda Hi Nahi

Goa Beach


O Humsafar

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