Neha Kakkar is not just a singer but also has been part of the movie. Read below to know more

Did you know? Neha Kakkar was a part of this movie before singing?

Neha Kakkar, the Indian Shakira is known to be the highest-earning Singer of the industry. She is not just an amazing singer but also has been featured in a movie.

We all know she is an amazing dancer and has been active on TikTok sharing her moves that we all are in awe of. Not just that but she has a love for selfie and so she takes a lot of selfies and also uploads selfie videos. No wonder she is crowned as the Selfie Queen. She is a great dancer and keeps her TikTok updated with her moves.

Neha Kakkar has gorgeous curls and is a major style inspiration for many of her fans. But there is one more thing to her talent. She is not just the most loved singer and dancer but she was also a part of a movie. Yes, she has some acting chops in her too. Isi Life Mein is her first film where she had a role. Though the film was not a huge success, Neha did a great job in it.

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