Who amongst the two do you think has an amazing voice and is the melody king. Kumar Sanu or Adnan Sami

Kumar Sanu Vs Adnan Sami: Who Is The Best Melody King?

If there is no Kumar Sanu then it is different to tell how Bollywood music would have been and who we would have grown up listening to. He is the one who has an amazing voice and is an amazing singer. He made our childhood memories with his spectacular tracks. Not just a record maker of singing 29 songs in a day and winning five awards for consecutive years he is one of the most loved and appreciated singers.

Adnan Sami is a British born Indian singer and pianist as well as a composer and an actor. Called as The Sultan of Music by The Times of India and to have played Santoor and Indian Classical Music on the piano, he is the first musician to have done all that. He is regarded as the fastest keyboard player. Not just that but also some of his other achievements in singing are remarkable. He has made a huge contribution to the field of music and has always been a hit.

If you were to decide the best melody who would it be? Kumar Sanu or Adnan Sami. Vote Now

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