Check out these songs by Lady Gaga that is perfect for your quarantine!

Make A Playlist Of Lady Gaga’s These Songs In Quarantine!

It’s really boring to get stuck in between the four walls for so long. People can’t go out and are tired of the work from home. If you are one of them, then you need to chill for some time. Listen to some music and groove on them. For that, you need a good playlist, and thus, we are here with a list of songs that are worth it to be added to your playlist, and make your quarantine days enjoyable. Here is a list of songs by the great music artist, Lady Gaga.

  1. Just Dance (2008)
  2. Million Reasons (2016)
  3. Born This Way (2011)
  4. Paparazzi (2008)
  5. Stupid Love (2020)