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Here is a little more about who Neha Kakkar's family is. Read below to know more

Meet the real family of popular singer Neha Kakkar

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Some have to work hard to grab it and Neha Kakkar was not born in Gucci’s and Armani’s. She had to climb the ladder to earn it. She was not all filled with glamour and sparkle that we see today. She was an ordinary girl with a simple family.

Let’s dig into some more to know the real family of today’s music sensation Neha Kakkar.

Neha Kakkar was born in Uttarakhand, who later shifted to Delhi. They were not a rich family but came from a simple background. Her father used to sell samosa to earn a living. Neha and her sister Sonu Kakkar along with Tony Kakkar used to sing bhajans at jagaratas and earned 50rs.
Later, Neha along with her brother Tony moved to Mumbai.

Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar, and Sonu Kakkar are perfect siblings goals anyone could wish for. They have created great chaos with their voice.
Sonu Kakkar had a blast in the industry with her song Babiji Zara Dheere Chalo. Her voice has a folk touch that synchronizes with her heart.
The youngest among the trio is Tony Kakkar who created a buzz with Coca Cola and has sung Mile Ho Tum Humse along with his sister. Ludo, Dheeme Dheeme are his other hits.

This is short and sweet of who exactly the Kakkar family is. Neha Kakkar has truly come a long way and may all the success and support be her way.

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