Best Neha Kakkar's hilarious memes and trolls

Meme Time: Best Of Neha Kakkar’s Memes

Neha Kakkar has been a judge at Indian Idol and is a brilliant singer we know of in the industry. But time and again, she has fallen prey to trolls and memes. Be it because of her emotional nature and crying on Indian Idol sets or just for some other reason? You don’t need to have a basis to be trolled. All you need is to be famous, and there you go!

Just as you tend to get a big-time and again, one falls under the scrutinizing gaze of the masses. There is nothing a person can do to avoid the memes and trolls you would be facing online. You might be drinking coffee from a mug, which might get you to be the victim. And that’s what happened with Neha Kakkar.

Though sometimes memes and trolling could take a negative turn and might get harsh. Otherwise, they certainly are to be taken lightly and as fun. Neha Kakkar took her trolling positively and grew strong. Here are some funny and chortle worthy memes on her.

Meme Time: Best Of Neha Kakkar's Memes Meme Time: Best Of Neha Kakkar's Memes 1 Meme Time: Best Of Neha Kakkar's Memes 2 Meme Time: Best Of Neha Kakkar's Memes 3

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