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Get the dancer out of you with these Neha Kakkar's top YouTube tracks

In The Mood To Dance? LISTEN Neha Kakkar’s Top YouTube Songs

The voice that we all need in the music industry is Neha Kakkar. She grew up singing at jagaratas with her siblings. It was her elder sister Sonu Kakkar who taught her singing, and Neha Kakkar has no formal training in music.

Neha Kakkar has varied shades to her voice and is very talented. She can sing a number of tracks in every genre, and her songs are fun. Party numbers, as well as romantic tracks, sound more enticing in her voice. Though people have criticized her time and again for singing the old classic remixes. Many have been appreciating her as well as those old classics need to be remembered and loved by everyone, and so with a modern touch, they become more fun.

Neha Kakkar is a brilliant singer, and she can bring new life to her songs. A genuinely magical voice favorite of every fan. Be it a party or romantic, and she is genuinely addicting—dance on these famous tracks on YouTube sung by Neha Kakkar that are spicing hot.

Tukur Tukru

Jaadu Ki Japphi

Kar Gayi Chull


Main Tera Boyfriend

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