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Some Neha Kakkar trivia to test your love for the singer

Neha Kakkar fan: Take this quiz and prove your worth

Neha Kakkar is one of the cutest singers in the music industry. Her peppy voice has gotten us all hooked. From being a contestant to a top singer right now, her journey has been worth it. She is a very hardworking and dedicated singer of Bollywood. Here is a quick quiz about the singer to test your memory. Let’s see how well you know the versatile singer.

1. Where is Neha Kakkar originally from?
2. How many siblings does Neha Kakkar have? Name?
3. What is Neha Kakkar nicknamed as?
4. Where did she learn singing from? Where did she sing with her siblings?
5. Which year did Neha Kakkar get her big break?
6. Which was her first debut song?
7. Before becoming a renowned singer, which TV show was she a contestant at?
8. Which music composer did she start her career with?
9. Which Bangladeshi movie did she lend her voice to?
10. Besides singing what is she famous for?

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