The success story of Kakkar siblings. How Neha, Tony, and Sonu Kakkar reached the pinnacle of success?

How Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar And Sonu Kakkar Became So Rich?

The popularity of Sonu Kakkar, Neha Kakkar, and Tony Kakkar is widespread. They belonged to simple families, and their fathers used to earn a living by selling samosas outside school and colleges. Sonu Kakkar and her siblings used to sing at holy gatherings earning a sum of 50 rupees.

Sonu Kakkar got popularity and fame after she sang the infamous song Babuji Jara Dheere Chalo. She got an entry into the Bollywood music industry and was a colossal sensation. Later, her sister Neha Kakkar followed and participated in the reality show Indian Idol season 2. After being eliminated, she had to struggle to place a firm foot in the industry. But with Meet Bros, when she started recording, soon had her thunder and she got popular with Second Hand Jawani from Cocktail, followed by Sunny Sunny for Yaariyaan.

Tony Kakkar followed in his sisters’ footsteps and learned music composition when he used to go with his sister Neha Kakkar for her recordings—and later composed a song Sawan Aaya Hai which was an immense success. Today he has millions of fans and followers admiring and loving his tracks.

This is the success story of Sonu, Neha, and Tony Kakkar and how they achieved and worked their direction towards the path of prosperity and riches.

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