Take your sides to who sings Punjabi tracks better? Neha Kakkar or Arijit Singh

Neha Kakkar VS Arijit Singh: Who Sings Punjabi Songs Better?

Neha Kakkar and her emotional dose are all we need to get through the day. She is one hell of a singer who knows how to deliver perfect tracks. Not just some filmy romantic ones but she can give some severe heartbreak tracks to party all-night vocals. And she is just too good of a singer to be true.

Neha Kakkar knows perfectly well how to set the mood right and get the romantic feel high with her love swings. Her tracks can make you party like never before tracks. But not to forget that not just her Hindi songs but she has given a considerable record in Punjabi as well, and they are entirely delightful.

If you are looking for a doctor without a degree who heals your mood, broken heart, and everything with his voice, then it is no other than Arijit Singh. Born in a Sikh family but his mother was a Bengali. His career took time to escalate but surely Arijit Singh is today at the top with such great voice. The government of India also awarded him a scholarship to pursuing music.

Arijit Singh has sung in numerous regional languages. But the one that can’t be missed is some of his spectacular tracks in Punjabi. There is no match to such a marvellous voice as his.

Who do you think rocks the Punjabi track expectations? Neha Kakkar or Arijit Singh. Vote Now

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