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Who gave the best version of Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi?

Neha Kakkar Vs Falguni Pathak’s Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi: Which Is Your Favourite?

The infamous song Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi has initially been sung by Falguni Pathak, well-known as dandiya queen. She composed the track for the film Pyar Koi Khel Nahin, 1999. The song received a lot of acclamation and was a super hit—the music was directed by Jatin Lalit.

Falguni Pathak is also known as Indian Madonna. Her voice is nostalgic for many of us, and her dandiya songs are par excellence. This famous song Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi was a chartbuster track that was very popular for several years. And this caught the eye of being remixed. And so the track was remade with the fresh masala.

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Neha Kakkar has sung the reprised version of the song, and we see Divya Kumar Khosla dancing on the beats. Neha Kakkar so to say also nailed the track with her peppy voice. To date both the old as well as the remixed versions are accessible.

Tell us which one was your favorite version, the one by Neha Kakkar or the one by Falguni Pathak?

Vote your favorite.

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