Neha Kakkar is the best option we all have when in quarantine and bored to hell

Neha Kakkar’s 7 Best Songs To Listen While In Self Quarantine!

Neha Kakkar with her peppy voice can make you get you moving and get you some passing time. She is the one who has perfect tadka to her voice and her songs will always make you take a thumka well that’s the spell she has on you whenever you listen to her songs.

Neha Kakkar is a very versatile and energetic singer, a crowd pleaser and a little dosage of her will leave you amazed by how she can keep the show going till the end of it. So she would be a perfect choice to dance like a monkey in your room without any care.

Here are the top 7 Neha Kakkar’s vocals that need to be heard when self- quarantine and have nothing to do

Phone Mein Teri Photo

Coca Cola


London Thumakda

Sunny Sunny

Das Ki Karaan

Chitta Kukkad

Patt Lainge

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