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Best of Neha Kakkar's tracks for every lovesick couple

Neha Kakkar’s Romantic Songs Collection For Lovers!

Neha Kakkar came into prominence for her peppy voice. She is at the peak of her succeeding career with numerous hit tracks. From a kid who sung at jagaratas with her siblings earning 50 bucks is presently making millions. Truly her hard work gave her a huge success. If you call it devil’s luck, then Neha Kakkar has it. She was a contestant at a television show and two decades later came back to the same appearance as a judge, isn’t that incredible? Also, she wrote an anthem for Shah Rukh Khan because she is a fan of SRK.

If you are looking for some dreamy trails that can give you the feels and if a couple of tracks to relate to, then Neha Kakkar’s tracks are perfect picks. She has sung party numbers to some huge passionate ballads that are vast chartbusters.

So for all the lovers who wish to hold hands and say ‘we made it’, here are some amazing love songs for the person who became yours forever.

Dil Chiye



Mahi Ve

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

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