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Are you looking for some road trip playlist? Neha Kakkar's company will make the trip memorable

Neha Kakkar’s Songs For Your Next Road Trip Post Quarantine!

Times like this where we dread the experience and are tired of staying locked up and can’t take anymore. Where we cannot go anywhere anytime, we please. All we can do is plan some good road expedition when this pandemic is over to have some good times.

We all love the urban life, but sometimes we all wish to get away from this chaos and go to the countryside day-tripping or the mountains. A place to escape reality and have some fun. And after all the planning with your pals when the day would be here, there has to be a road trip playlist ready. Or how are you going to have fun sitting in all silence and nothing to keep you engaged?

Whether planning on a weekend or outdoor adventures, here are some best Neha Kakkar’s tracks to keep your engine purring, and all of you have a great time of your life post quarantine.

So why not call some of your travel buddies, roll the window down and crank the volume up because it’s road trip time! Decide to have the best trip post quarantine. With these tracks, it surely would go hatke!

Coca Cola

Car Mein Music Baja

Do Peg Maar



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