Planning on proposing? These Neha Kakkar's songs will make the moment ten times more worth remembering

Neha Kakkar’s Songs That Are Perfect For A Romantic Proposal

There are numerous ways to propose and pop the question. But no matter how good and exciting your proposal is, it will never be complete without a good song. A good piece will not just make the event memorable, but also your chances of getting a definite yes will be raised. And after a few years, when the same song is played by the radio, won’t it be a trip down the memory lane?

Don’t you agree if there would have been John Legend singing All Of Me while you propose the romantic vibe in the air would have been ten times stronger? There is a number of love songs and artists who have given us the perfect melody to pop the question. And what be a better way than a desi music playing? Arijit Singh, Neha Kakkar, and more have the perfect voice for the same.

Here are some of the most immeasurable Neha Kakkar’s tracks that perfectly fit for a romantic proposal. When dropping on one knee, why not do it in style? These songs will make it a mesmerizing experience.

Khuda Bhi Jab

Oh Humsafar

Sawan Aaya Hai

Thoda Aur

Mahi Ve

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