Get your hips moving with these beautiful Neha Kakkar's songs

These Neha Kakkar’s Songs Will Force You To Instantly Get On The Dance Floor

Neha Kakkar became the first Indian artist to have crossed 40 million followers on Instagram and became the second most-viewed YouTube channel on YouTube crossing Selena Gomez and others. Truly Neha Kakkar, with her fabulous voice, has been soaring the scale of success. She has become the most loved and looked up to artists in the industry.

If you want to 1..2…Cha…Cha…Cha 3..4…Cha…Cha…Cha then Neha Kakkar’s tracks are the perfect picks to get the underlying Michael Jackson out of you. She has a beautiful peppy voice that will surely get everyone on the dancefloor. In this ongoing pandemic, it is necessary to keep our hopes and mood high spirited. Hence, why not dance and preserve the environment in your house light and enjoyable. Because we all know hips don’t lie.

Get ready with some of the most fantastic tracks sung by chota packet but undoubtedly a bada dhamaka when people come on the floor. Don’t forget to add these to your playlist.

Jadu Ki Japphi

O Saki Saki


Cheez Badi

La La La

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