Best of Neha Kakkar that you can dance on pretending to be high

Neha Kakkar’s Songs That Will Get You High

If you are a Neha Kakkar’s fan, you must have these great songs in your playlist not to feel some type of way. But also have a good time and get high on music because music as well is a different type of Nasha…

Cheez Badi, this s one song that we all grew up listening to. It was a big no for us because of its dance moves, so parents never allowed us to watch. But chup chup ke, we did listen and danced on the melody. And here it is, a remade version of that hit track.

Garmi, feeling hot? Why not dance on this one with coke in one hand pretending to be high and making all the crazy moves.

Aankh Marey, you cant listen to this track without going cha, cha, cha. With a combo of Kumar Sanu and Neha Kakkar, surely this track is cool.

Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, this song is a gold mine of “feelin’ good” as there is no way you can miss this track without shaking and making some moves.

Sunny Sunny, dancing at 2 am in your room is like pretending to be on a beach. Surely, this track is the ultimate form of life. We are having a good time because we are here for good times and not for a long time.

Which of the Neha Kakkar’s records, as mentioned earlier, was your favorite? If we have missed your 2 am playlist track, do tell us in the comments below.

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