Some good Neha Kakkar's songs that would help with your sad times

These Neha Kakkar’s Songs will instantly get you out of a bad mood

Neha Kakkar also had been through a rough patch, and there was a time when she was contemplating ending her life. That was the lowest point in her life, and things surely were falling apart for her. But she stood firm and fought with all the depressive thoughts and today claims herself to be very much more reliable than she was before.

There are times in our lives when we are at our lowest and feel like nothing is going right. We start to question our existence and feel ourselves to be the worst. We make ourselves our worst enemies and become vulnerable. But there is always a beacon of light that tells us to keep going and be more robust. To keep fighting and keep us motivated.

If you are on this page reading the article right now, then you believe it too. And for you listening to music might be the best shepherd you have. Here are a few amazing and fun-filled Neha Kakkar’s songs that would make you feel better and might help with your depressive thoughts.

Mile Ho Tum

Tu Hi Yaar Mera

Oh Humsafar

Jinke Liye


If you still believe things are not working out and need help, there are several websites and people who are ready to listen to you. So take a step back and reach out. Surely, it will help you and tell you that you are not alone going through hard times giving you company.

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