A voyage with these Neha Kakkar's songs would make it fun and memorable

These Neha Kakkar’s upbeat songs are a perfect start to your trip

Neha Kakkar is a bag full of rainbow and sunshine-filled with enthusiasm that we all need. And so are her songs; they are are mood refreshing and perfect for every mood. So if you are planning on a trip, add some of her amazing songs that will make your trip a memorable one.

Neha Kakkar is known for her party tracks and for a wide range of versatility on her voice. She always tries to make her voice sound distinct, making her songs unique and unusual and not look all alike. Currently, she is more known and associated with making numerous remixes of old tracks. There have been a few old iconic numbers that she has sung, making them more popular than their original versions.

Neha is a very talented and successful singer. Also, a beautiful lady to have become the face of the 2017 India celebrity list top 100. She is always teased for her emotional nature as she cried on-screen, hence having been trolled several times. But for her crying and being emotional is not a flaw, as she takes it as a sharp point.

Kar Gayi Chull

Tu Isaq Mera

Aao Raja

Nikle Current


These are a few of her many amazing tracks that are perfect for your trip playlist.

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