Which amongst the trio do you think sings quite well? Priyanka Chopra or Anushka Sharma or Alia Bhatt

Priyanka Chopra Vs Anushka Sharma Vs Alia Bhatt: Which Lady Singer Sings Well?

Presently, there have been many actors who have tried their hands in singing. Some might have been incredible while some you just know… So here are the three amazing ones who did try singing and did an amazing job at it. So tell us who is your favorite.

Priyanka Chopra, we popularly call the desi girl has given us a few English songs with a desi tadka. One of her quite impressive albums like My City, Exotic, Baba Song has received quite a lot of love from the masses.

Anushka Sharma has also made her presence known not just as an actor but also by singing some beautiful songs. She has a beautiful voice that will keep you hooked. She has surely swept the world with her voice and charms. Naughty Bilo, Ainvayi, Jazba are few of her vocals.

Alia Bhatt has made ever jaw drop not just with her acting chops but also times when she tried singing. Be it something simple, she knows perfectly well how to keep the people engaged. And surely we can’t get enough of those. Samjhawan, Sooha Saaha, Ikk kudi, Love You Zindagi are a few that were total hits.

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