Who has the most substantial net worth between Neha Kakkar and Arijit Singh?

REVEALED: Neha Kakkar VS Arijit Singh, Who Is Richer?

Listening to Neha Kakkar sing is pure bliss. She initially had a tough time getting a stable career, but perseverance showed off, and she became a dhamaka in the music industry. She is a sensational singer and was brought into the limelight when she was a contestant at Indian Idol season 2 and fortunate enough a decade later, she was the judge for the same show that shaped her for Indian Idol season 11. All her songs have been huge hit numbers.

Fame and success that Neha Kakkar has achieved have no limits, and she has earned herself a fortune. Her net worth to be around 3 Million USD (24.75cr INR approx). She charges a fee between 8-10 lakh per song.

If you feel like losing yourself while listening to music, then Arijit Singh’s tracks are perfect for your mood. His voice is amazingly heavenly, which lets us get lost into the abyss of harmony. No wonder people claim him to be the king of the modern music industry. He is making his voice a necessity for every occasion. He knows perfectly well how to have a balance of emotions in every song and get a significant hit.

Arijit Singh is known for his philanthropic work. His voice is something that one cannot resist. But did you know that he charges 1.5 cr for a forty-five-minute show? He has an incredible fortune of the net worth of 8 million dollars, of which he costs 10-15 lakh songs per movie.

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