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Total earning by Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar together will shock you

How Rich Are Neha Kakkar And Tony Kakkar? Know Their Combined Net Worth

Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar are siblings and have been popular for their memorable songs. They also have an older sister Sonu Kakkar, known for her incredible voice, who also deserves much attention but is an underrated singer in the industry. As kids, they used to sing at holy gatherings and earn 50 rupees only. As they belonged to a financially weak family, that was a hefty sum for them.

Neha Kakkar later moved to Mumbai, and Tony Kakkar followed her. She was a contestant at Indian Idol season 2 but was later eliminated. She then started recording for the Meet Bros, and her Bollywood debut came for the film Meerabai Not Out. But Neha Kakkar began her real journey in the limelight with a blockbuster song Second Hand Jawani and then there was no stopping her. She delivered many hits after that, including songs like London Thumakda, Sunny Sunny, Jadu Ki Jhappi, and many others.

Tony Kakkar, after he moved to Mumbai, had no training in music or composing music. He used to follow his sister Neha Kakkar when she used to go to Meet Bros for recording music. He started learning composing music in his free time and wrote his first song Sawan Aaya Hai. The song received massive acclaim from the public and was a huge hit. He has sung songs like Goa Beach, Coca Cola, and many others, and today is a huge star.

As per the reports from Republic World, Neha Kakkar has a net worth of $3.5 million, and Tony Kakkar is estimated to have around $20 million. Together, if you sum up their net worth, it is a total of 23.5 million dollars!

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