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A musical tribute in remembrance of the greatest actor in Bollywood Irrfan Khan

These Songs are a Musical Tribute to Irrfan Khan

The year 2020 couldn’t get any worse than we had to experience the death of one of the greatest and most wonderful actors, Irrfan Khan. He was the guy who did not fit the stereotypical image of a handsome actor. His looks were like every average looking person, but plainly his spectacular acting was spoken of from Bollywood to Hollywood. Though he did not get much appreciation and did not seem fit for the lead role, he undoubtedly left a lasting imprint even for his 2-minute role.

Though Irrfan Khan did not get due justice for his talent in the Bollywood industry, he certainly did a fantastic job in some iconic Hollywood movies. Because in Bollywood, he was always considered to be an outsider with not matching beauty standard. In Bollywood, though you have mediocre acting skills, all you need is good looks and a godfather, and voilà you are the new blockbuster hero of the next movie.

The actor died at the age of 53 after battling with a rare neuroendocrine disorder, which was a sudden blow to the film industry and people across the globe. A quote that perfectly describes him is “Bollywood star and Hollywood Everyman, sexy yet not fit for leading-man symbolism.” “[For Americans] he’s in the realm of Jean-Paul Belmondo or Marcello Mastroianni or Omar Sharif, even,” wrote the director Mira Nair in the New York Times.

Here is a musical tribute to one of the most wonderful and spectacular actors to have ever been in the Bollywood industry.

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