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With all the remake madness that is going on in the Bollywood music industry do you think Neha Kakkar is not giving credits to those songs?

Do you think Neha Kakkar is ruining old songs without giving credit to songs?

Right now if we listen to the Bollywood songs that are being made there is no originality left. It has become more or less like a bandwagon effect. You remade one song or a movie it gets a good deal and love from people and that just falls into the trend of everything being remade. The fact is that now there is nothing like ‘original’ left and everything is picked up from the past hits and served to the masses.

And one to have been all caught up in this trend is our favorite Neha Kakkar. She is an amazing singer with a really good voice. But when it comes to singing an old song, a song that has already been sung by some singer and is a major hit. The pressure is high because you have to match that level that the song has. Just as AR Rahman said in one of his interviews that one just adds a few lines to the original song and make it theirs. The original owner is not even being credited.

Well, when Neha Kakkar has sung the legendary songs that received a lot of love from the audience songs like Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi or be it Dilbar. She kind of had the vibe killed. She might have ruined the song for us all and to top it off there were no credits given to the old song or the singer as well. Do you think this is okay?

Do you feel Neha Kakkar ruined the original song that she sung as remakes killing the essence and not giving credits too? Tell us in the comments below

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