Tony Kakkar has our hearts. Not just with his amazing songs but the guy has us all impressed with his other talents

Tony Kakkar Is A Multi-Talented Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Actor, And Performer

Talking about Tony Kakkar many things have made him into a sensation. He is already on fire with his amazing chartbusters. Surely knows how to crack things up. Well, we all are well aware that his music is whooping success and is loved by the audiences. But there’s something more.

Tony Kakkar is the one who is not just a singer. And also might be aware of the fact that he is a composer. His first composition was Sawan Aaya Hai, which was well-acclaimed. But other than that he is a lyricist, actor, and performer. Yes, you heard it right! Tony Kakkar is much more than a singer.

Tony Kakkar has been writing many of his songs. He has written popular songs like Ludo, Goa Beach is to name a few. He has left no stone unturned and is an amazing actor and performer.

We all already love Tony Kakkar for his voice and party songs but imagine him being an actor and acting in a movie. Wouldn’t that be like a dream come true for all of us?

Tell us what you think about Tony Kakkar and his amazing songs. Do mention your favorite.

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