Check out these top coolest songs by Lady Gaga to date!

Top 10 Coolest Lady Gaga’s Songs Ever

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, popularly known as, Lady Gaga by the fans has created some quality tracks over the ages. Gaga is one of the versatile singers who have got songs from different genres. Gaga has won the hearts of her fans and supporters. She is one of the best music artists in the Hollywood music industry. Lady Gaga has been ruling the industry with her looks. From Poker Face (2008) to Stupid Love (2020), she has got a number of hit albums. Even she is going to release all the singles from her brand-new album, ‘Chromatica’ (2020). Although she has already released one of them with Ariana Grande, the album is already the No.1 album in Australia.

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Gaga is one of the coolest artists in the industry. It’s not only with songs but also with her fashion. Her fashion sense is really cool. Her cool attitude is adored by many. Gaga has inspired many fans with her tracks. She has also got some coolest musical tracks on her list that will blow your mind.

Here we have got the top 10 coolest songs by Lady Gaga. Have a look at them and listen to them out!

Here are they:

1.     Just Dance (2010)

2.     Poker Face (2008)

3.     Rain On Me (2020)

4.     You and I (2011)

5.     Bad Romance (2020)

6.     I Don’t Know What Love Is (2018)

7.     Is That Alright (2018)

8.     Stupid Love (2019)

9.     Sexxx Dreams (2013)

10.  A-Yo (2016)

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