Neha Kakkar songs that made a big smashing hit

Top 5 Neha Kakkar Item Numbers

Some voices manage to hit the right note while some don’t. People admire and love Neha Kakkar’s sound because she has struck the right musical chord in the hearts of masses. With her vigorous voice, she has sung some old reprised versions. And they were significant hits from receiving millions of views as well as immense love and appreciation from the fans was indeed a message of how dear Neha Kakkar is to them.

Neha Kakkar started with her siblings to sing and then grew up to become the most powerful and popular voice in the industry. Her voice is linked to being unique and different, making it distinctive. She was one of many other singers who matched the likes of people and was able to relate and reach out to them through her melodious voice and, therefore, admire and look up to her.

Here are a few beautiful tracks by Neha Kakkar that were colossal hit and topping chartbusters.

Coca Cola

Aankh Marey


Kala Chashma


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