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Neha Kakkar and some of her fun BTS movements

Top 5 Neha Kakkar’s self-made behind the scene songs

The woman to get us all on the dance-floor no other than Neha Kakkar has all our hearts and love. The Indian Shakira has captured many of her hearts with her heat rising Garmi song as well as the one best beach song we all love and can’t miss is Sunny Sunny. Well, why miss the thumka whenever there’s a Neha Kakkar song on the playlist. With her London Thumakda, we all learned how to be carefree and dance like no one’s watching.

We all know that Neha Kakkar is an amazing peppy voiced singer. And she is fun. By fun, she is not just a jolly person but also has a lot of mischief in her. So to say she has made a lot of behind the scenes songs that are too good and funny to miss. Here are a few of her self-made behind the scenes songs for us all to enjoy.

Puchda Hi Nahin

La La La

Kuch Kuch

Phone Mein Teri Photo

Oh Humsafar

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