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The best track by Neha Kakkar that are perfect to dedicate for your friends

Top Neha Kakkar’s FRIENDSHIP Song

Remember the Airtel song on friends? Har Ek Friend Zarori Hota Hai. So why not dedicate some good songs to your buddy? Neha Kakkar has some fantastic songs that are perfect.

Everybody had a friend that knows them since childhood is like winning a jackpot. Friends are a vital asset in one’s life that are important and necessary for everyone to have. Stressed? Happy? Sad? Need human pain in the arse? A punching bag, the one that comes back and hits you bringing you back to your senses? Yeah, a friend can be all in one.

You don’t have friends then one is missing a lot in their life. When you have friends, especially the ones who turn into a family, they are the best ones. They are the ones who will be there for you no matter what. Always waiting and clinging to making you feel better as well as something stupid. They will always encourage your crazy ideas and sometimes even become your parents to get you back to your senses.

A few good friends are in life! They are a lifesaver as well as feel the luck to have such annoying yet lovely pals. And so if you have gotten a bit senti about your friendship to dedicate this track by Neha Kakkar that are perfect for your buddies. Maybe they will get a bit senti too or say ‘chal aapne baap ko mat sikha’ no matter what you know it and they might not admit, but they love you from the bottom of their heart.

Isspeshal Yaari is the track that she has sung as a tribute to her friends and their friendship. Below are the records for you to listen to.

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